Together we can create lasting, meaningful outcomes and a brighter future for Guatemalan communities

Why Guatemala?

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Pionero Philanthropy is the only nonprofit assessment organization that provides verified information about Guatemalan nonprofits, Guatemala’s philanthropic environment, and country demographic data.

Though malnutrition, human rights, crime, and global warming are all universal issues, they are especially problematic in Guatemala, which exhibits systemic poverty, inequality, and violence.

Pionero Philanthropy’s goal is that through reliable information, representation of grassroots nonprofits and connecting people to great causes, we can create lasting, meaningful outcomes and a brighter future for Guatemalan communities.

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Guatemala endured a 36-year civil war during which 626 villages were destroyed, over 200,000 people killed, over 40,000 people ‘disappeared’, and 1.5 million people displaced. Given the huge proportion of indigenous communities targeted, many consider the war to have been a genocide. The war ended in 1996, but had eroded Guatemala’s already weak institutions and severely reduced its capacity to provide public services. The system that remained was corrupt, inefficient, and unequal, particularly against the indigenous populations (Mayas, Xincas, and Garifuna). Currently, 76% of Guatemalans in rural areas and 42% in urban areas live in poverty. By investing in Guatemala, you empower the population to develop its skills and raise the productivity of the country, contributing to sustainable economic growth and increased prosperity.

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We partner with noteworthy local nonprofits working to improve complex issues at the root of forced migration.


We believe that directing philanthropic investment towards Guatemalan development creates new opportunities on the ground which not only empowers Guatemalans to stay in their own country, but benefits Central America as a whole.


Our partners’ initiatives include empowering women, providing affordable healthcare and education, and operating after-school education programs for at-risk youth, lowering the likelihood of gang violence.

Search our database for additional Guatemalan demographic data and to learn how Guatemalan nonprofits are working to improve these issues.