We are the only organization in Guatemala utilizing a unique and comprehensive methodology based on academic best practices to evaluate nonprofits

About Pionero Philanthropy

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Pionero Philanthropy is a nonprofit assessment organization that provides verified information about Guatemalan nonprofits for stakeholders to access online and via our consultancy services.

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Pionero Philanthropy visiting a local disability nonprofit

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Local Presence

Our location within Guatemala allows us to witness the realities of the country firsthand. We personally visit each partner nonprofit to ensure open communication, comprehension, and honesty. This allows us to more effectively assess programming, verify funding use, and monitor and evaluate projects.

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Assessment Methodology

We carefully evaluate our partner nonprofits using a unique methodology developed specifically for Guatemala, based on 5 pillars:

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We have a large portfolio of vetted Guatemalan nonprofits working across various theme areas. We thoroughly assess all of our partner nonprofits, which are smaller in size and truly need assistance.

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Our Fees

Our location in Guatemala means reduced overhead which translates into lower fees. Unlike other intermediaries, we do not take a percentage of donations; instead, we give the full donation amount to the nonprofit and charge a separate, reasonable fee for our consultancy and data services.

Our Team

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Pionero Philanthropy team on site visit

Our team is passionate about what we do and has years of international nonprofit experience, particularly in Guatemala.

Harriette Rothwell

Founder & Director

Harriette has 17 years experience in project and donor management for the nonprofit sector in many Latin American countries. Harriette has an MSc in NGOs and Development from the London School of Economics, where she won the Loch Exhibition Prize for Achievement. Harriette moved to Guatemala in 2015 and oversees operations at Pionero Philanthropy to ensure its vision and mission become a tangible reality. Watch Harriette’s story of why she started Pionero Philanthropy.

Zita Tangel

Head of Communications

Zita obtained her BA in Latin American Studies from Leiden University in the Netherlands. She is dedicated to making the world a better place by supporting nonprofit communications. With over four years of experience in nonprofit communications, she supports Pionero Philanthropy by managing the organization’s social media platforms and newsletters sent to partner nonprofits and clients.

Board of Advisors

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Estefanía Palomino

Estefanía lives out her life’s mission to enable social and environmental impact as a trusted leadership coach, philanthropy expert, human rights lawyer, and board member. She is the founder of Aleph Leadership Corp., a coaching laboratory that helps leaders define their goals, decolonize their business practices, and build their legacy. Estefanía was selected as an Aspen Ideas scholar (2015), as a finalist for the Buffett Institute Award for Emerging Global Leaders (2017), one of the “10 Young Leaders Who Are Creating A Better World” (2017) and as a Black Fox Philanthropy Fellow.


Jarlath O’Hara

Jarlath has 20 years of experience in charity leadership and management. He recently completed an Executive MBA with a focus on ensuring that business operations are established and aligned to deliver strategic priorities.

Jarlath is a business consultant specializing in supporting organizations to improve their organizational performance. In personal, voluntary and professional capacities, his motivation is providing opportunities and support to help individuals and organizations to achieve their potential.


 Irannis Mejías

Irannis is a Brand Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Business Mentor specialized in early-stage business projects. She is the CoFounder of Blooming, a design and brand consulting studio based in Seville, Spain, and has participated in the launch of over 50 business ideas. After being involved in several NPOs, Irannis got interested in Pionero Philanthropy and became the mentor of the Bridge For Billions Incubation Program that helped Pionero set the baseline of the organization. Now she joins the Board of Advisors to support the preservation and enrichment of our values.

Annual Reports

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2018 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

Theory of Change

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pionero philanthropy's theory of change

Organization Policies

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Whistleblower Policy