Whatever your philanthropic needs, Pionero Philanthropy is here to help!

What We Do

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Pionero Philanthropy offers a range of services, from simple “matchmaking” with Guatemalan nonprofit organizations to hands-on assistance with project implementation and evaluation.


We are an independent organization that provides access to the most comprehensive information on the nonprofit sector in Guatemala and partners with exemplary nonprofits. Access our Nonprofit Database to discover our partner nonprofits or contact us for a free consultation.


100% any payment for services is reinvested into our nonprofit to support our mission and contribute to the sustainability of our organization. For more details on how we use these funds, please see our annual reports.


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Our team specializes in bespoke consultancy services for individuals, foundations, companies, large nonprofit organizations, and academics, providing assistance in navigating the complex landscape of the Guatemalan development environment and helping clients achieve their philanthropic goals.

How We Can Help

For those challenged by the lack of accessible information on the Guatemalan nonprofit environment and related data, Pionero Philanthropy can provide detailed and verified information on Guatemalan nonprofits as well as personalized consultancy services to help you achieve your research or philanthropic goals.

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  • Defining your philanthropic strategy
  • Identification of projects and partnerships close to your heart
  • Connection with the right nonprofits
  • Maximizing your donation’s effect
  • Creation of lasting relationships
  • Monitoring and evaluation to follow up on donations
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  • Identification of nonprofits that are aligned with your philanthropic vision
  • Development of strategic long-term partnerships with nonprofits
  • Assessing your donation’s effect through monitoring and evaluation
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  • Detailed and verified information about nonprofits suitable for independent partnerships
  • Saved time and money as we have already impartially vetted the nonprofits and visited them in person
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  • Defining your company’s philanthropic values
  • Identifying and developing strategic long-term projects and partnerships
  • Assessment of results through monitoring and evaluation

Nonprofit Capacity Building

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By promoting and enabling capacity building opportunities, Pionero Philanthropy further supports our partner nonprofits in the continual improvement of their organization’s management. As a result, nonprofits are better poised for self-sufficiency, making them less dependent on external organizations.

Pionero Philanthropy partners with EntreMundos, a Guatemalan nonprofit – and Pionero Philanthropy partner nonprofit – that offers high-quality capacity building programs in areas including; computing, financial administration, fundraising, and project management. By working with EntreMundos, training occurs in a culturally relevant context with sessions for Guatemalans, run by Guatemalans.

By supporting capacity building, donors have the opportunity to catalyze long-lasting effects for several nonprofits as training can be delivered to several partner organizations simultaneously. Contact us if you are interested in supporting our partner nonprofits in this way.


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Pionero Philanthropy’s relationships and network of partners allow us to gain an inside look at the nonprofit and philanthropic sector in Guatemala, US major donors and international donation trends, and how to better address barriers between the two by promoting better management techniques and donation practices.

We aim to be academically pertinent, up to date, adaptable to the changing environment, and continuously strengthening our methodology by providing cutting edge studies, research, and literature reviews.

To date, we have focused on:

(1) the collection and analysis of data on the Guatemalan nonprofit environment, including municipal, regional, and national development indicators, demographics and statistics

(2) literature review to build upon and continually improve Pionero Philanthropy’s unique and comprehensive methodology

(3) the initiation of trailblazing research and studies

This has led to publication with Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs.


You can review our recent publications here:

We invite you to read our recent posts, become a research partner, or access our Nonprofit Database to contribute to our endeavor.