We partner with grassroots nonprofits in Guatemala

committed to making long-term change in their communities

Our Guatemalan Nonprofit Database

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Pionero Philanthropy’s goal is to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the nonprofit and philanthropic sector in Guatemala, and specifically our noteworthy partner nonprofits. Our Nonprofit Database is a comprehensive collection of data on the nonprofit sector in Guatemala. We hope this database will provide donors and information seekers the data they need to make educated decisions – whether it be for making a donation or conducting a research study.

Pionero Philanthropy’s Nonprofit Database is comprised of three parts:

Partner Nonprofit Data

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Our Guatemalan nonprofit database provides access to detailed information on our partner nonprofits that work in nine crucial theme areas: Health, Education, Women, Community Development, Human Rights, Animal Welfare, Youth & Children, Security, Environment & Conservation. We currently have around 40 partner nonprofits located across the country.

Pionero Philanthropy compiles an individual report for each partner nonprofit with in-depth information on the organization including:

  • The nonprofit’s mission
  • A summary of current programs
  • A description of how the nonprofit meets each of Pionero Philanthropy’s 5 Pillars
  • The organization’s specific funding needs

Characteristics of our Partner Nonprofits:

  • Grassroots local leadership
  • Integrated, in touch, and trusted in the community they serve
  • A real understanding of the cultural context in which they operate, and, where applicable, local indigenous languages
  • Services pertinent to their community
  • Operating in communities where international organizations are not present

An insight into one of our partner nonprofits and the profound difference they are making in their community

Non-Partner Nonprofit Data

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With more than 8,000 organizations that meet our definition of a nonprofit represented, our database provides access to organized clean data covering:

  • Nonprofit location
  • Online presence
  • Recent activity
  • Foundation date
  • Budget
  • Budget
  • Size
  • Partnership status and reasoning
  • Theme area
  • Religious affiliation or faith
  • Tax registration
  • Government funding
  • 5 Pillar Evaluation score of Partner nonprofits
  • Demographic information

Basic information is accessible for free via our interactive map.

Demographic Information

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Our Guatemalan nonprofit database not only contains information about the organizations themselves but also the environment in which they are situated. With statistical data of 65 indicators, our database showcases regional demographics as they pertain to the developmental theme areas.

We have collated demographic data for all 22 regions in Guatemala which can be purchased as a downloadable and editable spreadsheet. Although some of this information is publicly available and is viewable on our interactive map, the organization of this data has taken a lot of time and effort. For this reason, and to ensure this information is maintained, we ask for a small donation.

We offer personalized Consultancy Services or you can purchase access to our Nonprofit Database.