Pionero Philanthropy partners with Guatemalan

and internationally registered nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit Resource Center

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Pionero Philanthropy is dedicated to supporting grassroots Guatemalan nonprofits in order to facilitate positive change and create lasting, meaningful outcomes.

Become A Partner Nonprofit

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To fully benefit from a partnership with Pionero Philanthrophy, nonprofits should be prepared to monitor and evaluate their organizations, analyze their operations and programming, and implement best practices. Though our goal is to connect donors to noteworthy nonprofit organizations in Guatemala, a partnership entails more than just potential funding. Pionero Philanthropy seeks strategic alliances with our partners to help advance the development of Guatemalan communities.

We do not charge nonprofits to be evaluated or to be part of our database. We do ask that our partner nonprofits review their information every couple of months and update it as necessary. We provide them with an online account to do this.

In order to provide a free service to Guatemalan nonprofits and ensure that organizations receive 100% of donations made, Pionero Philanthropy charges donor clients for consultancy services separately.


Complete our preliminary form with basic information about your organization


Once your form is approved, we receive access login information to the Online Evaluation Portal that uses our 5 Pillar Evaluation.  Here, you will answer 50 questions and submit them to Pionero Philanthropy


We then will perform an in person site visit to verify certain information in the evaluation


Lastly we will give you a score out of 100 and corresponding Awards and Seal of Excellence

5 Pillar Evaluation Nonprofit Resources

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Browse online resources and suggested reading for nonprofits on the academically supported best practices in each of our five key pillars of nonprofit management: