Living our Values, Walking the Talk

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Living Our Values, Walking The Talk

Pionero Philanthropy has had an extremely positive, eventful and exciting month!

We welcomed a Donor Relations Manager, Head Researcher, and Communications Manager. We also had new client calls and made new Nonprofit partnerships in more remote areas of Guatemala.

strategic plan 2018-2020

It was also time to reassess, and revisit the strategic plan because “of all the contrasts between the successful and unsuccessful or between the leader and the follower, the single most important differentiating factor is strategy” (Olson and Currie 1992).

Furthermore, in addition to going through the Strategy process, I personally felt it was just as important to, as a team, reflect on ensuring that the company is walking its talk and living its values. It was time to hold a mirror up to Pionero and ensure it is meeting or exceeding the same high standards it expects of the NPOs it collaborates with.

The team spent 4 days in Antigua, Guatemala, at Pionero HQ revisiting and fine-tuning our values, vision and mission . We also made a Strategy Map which broke down the bigger picture into goals, objectives, measures, targets, and actions.

So what did we decide in order for Pionero to deliver maximum Impact, Efficiency, Transparency, Sustainability and Relevance? How can we lead by example and be true to our expectations of others? Below is a selection of the objectives we committed to put into action for 2018/2019. They are based on the 5 pillars we evaluate our nonprofits on.

1. Transparency

  • We shall publish comprehensive Annual Reports that shall be published online which go into more detail than what is required.
  • We shall publish our 2019 Strategic Plan online.
  • We will always be open and honest in our communications to both Guatemalan nonprofits and Donors.

2. Impact

  • We will publish Impact Reports using a variety of Monitoring and Evaluation tools. We will perform this for each collaboration and project we are involved with.
  • We will increase impact year on year as we grow and collaborate with more donors and nonprofits
  • We will register as a 501c3 so Pionero can be a fiscal sponsor for Guatemalan nonprofits. This will grant non US registered nonprofits with more funding possibilities from US donors.

3. Efficiency

  • We shall incorporate a new CRM system and processes for efficient working and communications.

4. Need/Relevance

  • We will evaluate how Pionero can be of greater assistance to nonprofits and communities by carrying out a Needs Assessment of different Latin American countries. Once completed, we will be able to make the most informed decision regarding additional country expansion.
  • We will carry out Feedback and Satisfaction surveys to nonprofit and donors. This is to ensure that services are relevant and exceeding expectations.

5. Sustainability

  • For sustainable operations, we are focussing on slow and steady expansion of the company going into 2019.
  • We committed to dedicate 2019 to verifying all processes and systems so that they are water-tight, efficient and effective.

Stay tuned for us putting these objectives in action soon!