Field Work Fun

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The team has been doing field work and evaluating a variety of incredible small to medium sized organizations these last few weeks in the Sacatepequez region of Guatemala. It was an interesting and mission affirming time for Pionero!

Pionero team carrying out their evaluation with Niños con Bendición.
Evaluating Education nonprofit, Niños de Guatemala.

We visited causes related to education, youth leadership, women’s rights, skills acquisition and even a project that takes vulnerable mothers and their children out of dangerous situations in order to rehabilitate and prevent them from putting the children into orphanages.

As expected, we have met some impressive NPOs doing incredible work on the ground but who need a little helping hand with promotion and cheerleading to prospective donors abroad! Well, that’s where Pionero comes in!

How do we decide what Nonprofits to evaluate during Field Work?

What process are we using to ensure that we are selecting the most impactful, efficient, relevant, transparent and sustainable NPOs? Here is the process:

  1. First we investigate what NPOs to consider by building an initial list. We ask contacts of ours, stakeholder groups, government records of registered NPOs and specific NPO websites that advertise NPO information.
  2. We send a preliminary email to the NPOs with a short questionaire to ensure that they meet minimum standards such as registration, constitution, accounting practices etc
  3. We organise NPO visits where we meet directors, stakeholders and beneficiaries. We ask targeted questions and seek further information regarding our 5 pillars; Impact, Need/Relevance, Efficiency, Transparency, Sustainability.
  4. We make a final report based on our findings that is signed off by the NPO for accuracy. This report is presented to targeted donors who are seeking NPOs that meet their requirements.

Stay tuned for the next instalment from us as we continue our visits going into the Lake Atitlan region this week!

Tuc Tuc Transport…. somewhere in the Sacatepequez region!