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Nonprofit Member Profile Contents

Date of last report update
Theme Area (upto 3)
Year Founded
Nonprofit Size
US Tax Status
Faith Based
Religious Affiliation
Number of Direct Beneficiaries
Number of Indirect Beneficiaries
Type of Guatemala Nonprofit (Civil Association / NGO/ Foundation)
Recommended By
Description of programs

Number of Employees
Number of Fundraising staff outside of Guatemala
Number of Fundraising / donor communications staff
Policies Towards Local Staff
Receiving public Health Care /IGGS?
Type of Contract
Receiving Minimum Wage?
Holiday Policy
Local Staff registered with Ministerio de Trabajo and receiving full benefits?

Funding Sources and percentage of total funds received
Annual Budget
Percentage of total expenditure for admin expenses
Government Funding

Expense Item
Duration of Expense Item
Amount Required

Social Business
Impact Evaluation
Administration and Planning
Project Design and Implementation
Computer Literacy

Upto 8 photos

Seal of Excellence
Total Score /100
Date of last score improvement
Demographic Context

Developed theory of change or logic model
Monitoring and evaluation of output indicators
Monitoring and evaluation of outcome indicators
Participant accounts of change
Benchmarks and comparisons
Provides evidence of program achievements to stakeholders
Raises awareness of nonprofit and theme
Volunteer/ donor retention
Historical data of improvement
Long term benefits

All financial numbers reported and maintained up-to-date
Average, or better than average, liquidity ratios
Average, or better than average, fundraising ratios
Average, or better than average, operating ratios
No signs of financial fraud or corruption
Social return on investment/ cost benefit analysis
Cost-effectiveness analysis
Performs internal ratios and analyses
Generates revenue to further mission

Clear mission and vision
Diverse board composition
Local leadership
Women in leadership
Youth in leadership
Coordination with government systems
Cultural awareness
Annual strategic plan
Succession plan

Baselines and statistical relevance
Community diagnostic
Adherence to national, departmental, or municipal development plans
Community interest and involvement
Need Not Fulfilled by Public or Private Sector
Adaptable programming
Mutually beneficial (community and organization)
Physical presence in community
“work yourself out of a job” mentality

Publicly available 990 tax form / Declaración Anual
Publicly available annual reports
Publicly available financial statements
Publicly available privacy policy
Publicly available proof of npo 501(c)3/ Guatemala registered status
Publicly available whistleblower policy
Publicly available internal/external audit
Accountability, willingness to provide any additional information to stakeholder upon request


Eligibility criteria to become a member nonprofit includes meeting the definition of a nonprofit, no evidence of illegal activity, amongst other criteria.

Eligible Member Nonprofits in Guatemala log in to our Online Evaluation Portal and fill out a 50 question assessment based on our 5 Pillar Evaluation Criteria.

We verify the information submitted by eligible Member Nonprofit through in-person site visits. Once verified, we award Awards, Points and Seals to the organization.

Our mission is to provide visibility transparency, and credibility to the Guatemalan nonprofit sector

Pionero Philanthropy’s Nonprofit Assessment Methodology was created to collect and verify information about nonprofits in Guatemala while providing Member Nonprofits with the tools to reach their goals.

We value impact and drive

Member nonprofits receive Seals of Excellence and Awards based on progress and effort, not capacity and resources. This motivates nonprofits in Guatemala to update their information and consistently improve.

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Harriette Rothwell

Founder and Executive Director

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We believe that reliable information leads to more effective giving, and that together we can create a brighter future for Guatemalan communities.